Silicone Molding


Weight (Gram) Price
At Cost
$20 At Cost
200 $35 At Cost
300 $45 At Cost
400 $60 At Cost
500 $70 At Cost
600 $85 At Cost

All molds above 600 Gram are special order and will require extra tooling costs for framing.


We currently offer silicone molding for the processes below:

  1. Jewelry
  2. Lost wax casting
  3. Resin Casting
  4. trinkets
  5. Furniture hardware
  6. Natural objects
  7. Candles

If you have a special purpose mold, please contact us with your specifications.

Prices start from $13 + shipping for small molds.

If you need to reproduce your product, we can provide molds directly from the prototypes. Silicone molds can be created in-house in order to save you time and money.

Because of our 30 years of experience in molding, we offer the best quality silicone molds which:

  • Minimize molding lines
  • Are easy to open and remove the part
  • are affordable
  • can be produced rapidly